"SAMARINA" - Tourist Information

The community store of the village houses the folklore museum of the village. On display are traditional costumes and ancient tools of the locals. It is open during the summer months. A representative sample of the traditional architecture of the area is the village's elementary school. With 200 students by 1960, today houses the municipal library with over 6,000 titles. In good condition preserved stone house Nick. Mitsiompounas built in 1830, Rep. Hatzimichos house and the houses of Mpasdeki and Kalmpokini.


In the neighborhood of St. Athanasius operate "mantania" that were used in the treatment of wool fabrics (cloaks, carpets, woolen fabrics) with the help of water.

In the neighborhood are two Papakyrgia "ntristeles" ydrotriveia that were used for washing fabrics, carpets, rugs, etc.

At the Museum "Drakolimni Samarina 'out upstairs a rich collection of local folk costumes, household utensils, agricultural, loom weaving, etc. and ground floor cafe and restaurant.

The church of St. Athanasius in the chapel of St. Anargyroi built in 1840 and has a wooden temple, old images with exceptional paintings. Remarkable pictures of the 18th century. preserved in the church of Prophet Elias built in 1795 and painted by local artists.

In 1819 the Church of the Assumption (Great Lady) in the Chapel of the Holy Apostles. Also in the village is the church of the Birth of Mary (1864) (Little Lady) in the Chapel of All Saints. In 1943 he founded the church of St. Cosmas near the step, where he spoke in 1890. In good condition is the church of St. Demetrius the Martyr on Samarina (1957) and the Church of Archangel Michael (1975) in place of the fountain of Sakellaris.

The taps in the village are also stone built during the Turkish occupation. It is worth mentioning: the "Great Lady" of "Little Mary", the "Gkavani", the "Smith", the "Papakyrgia", the "Papazisi", the "Kypritzi", the "Bizos, the" Five " The "Lesoura" and "Zeki". Outside the village are: tap Aphrodite (Greco), the fountain and the fountain Kontouri forest Kiourista (Fantina Likiraou).

Tourist Information

The visitors should experience the great variety of local meat. They can also buy dairy products (feta cheese, cream cheese, cheese), sweets (cherry, cherry, plum, orange and fig) and folk art.

Southwest of the village at the foot of Smolikas across the lake "Drakolimni". There are alpine newts, while most foaming over the great waterfall Smolikas "Spintzouriata employment"(ie hanging water), which sheds its waters to the rugged canyon "Skontina" of "Valia Kirna".

On the top neighborhood there is an international hiking Smolika trail that crosses the forest "Kiourista". In the forest is the source of "Fantina Likiraou" which is famous for its limpid and crystalline water. The forest of "Kiourista" has dense vegetation and consists of bushes (loblolly) reaching up to 30 meters high. There live the bear of Pindos, the Smolikas goats, wolves, deer, wild boars, etc.

The Skourtzia (1840 m) is located northeast the village and it is rocky, except for some places covered with beech trees. The dots, thearea Chelimodiou village and the location of the "Cross" and offer them to turn their beautiful sight . The top Greco-Rum (1,800 m) has the same characteristics as the Skourtzia.

Tourist Information

Southeast is the mountain "Gomara" that most of is the "black" ski tracks Vasilitsa and is 10 km

Four miles south of the village found in the forest monastery of Agia Paraskevi (1713). It's Byzantine and inside find murals of local painters. The founders of the monastery the monks were Nikiforos and Dennis. The monastery has helped many in the nation during the Turkish occupation. It was heart thieves and fighters from here began his revolutionary work on the Samarina martyr Demetrius who was martyred in 1808.kai is 10 km

In the same area is the Church of the Transfiguration (1813), also painted by locals. The monastery and the church were the churches of the village to its former position.

In 1800 founded in two monasteries the schools where he studied hagiography known painters of the country as brothers Piteni and Papaioannou, who painted churches and temples throughout Greece.


Useful phones:
  • Samarina Community : +30 24620 95276
  • Folklore Museum of Samarina
  • Museum Drakolimni
  • Church of St. Athanasius
  • Church of Prophet Elias
  • Church of the Assumption
  • Church of the Virgin Birth
  • The Church of St. Demetrius the Martyr
  • Stone fountains of the village
  • Ski resort Vasilitsa
  • Custom Klidonas - 23/24 June
  • Easter of Samarina - 15 August
  • Tsiatsio - 15 August
How to get there:
  • From Athens via Domokos - Trikala - Kalambaka via Larissa-Deskati
  • Athens - Samarina: 417 km.
  • From Athens via Egnatia Odos
  • Thessaloniki - Samarina: 193 km.
  • KTEL of Grevena : +30 24620 22242, 28637
  • The route is through Kozani and Kastoria.
  • Airport of Kozani : +30 24610 36098
  • Airport of Kastoria : +30 24670 42515
  • Local bus transportation of Grevena : +30 24620 22242, 28637
  • Taxi of Grevena : +30 24620 22580, 24199