"SAMARINA" - Geographic Information

Located in lush vegetation and wildlife, with many springs on the slope of Smolikas (altitude 1450 m), 56 km west of Grevena. It is ideal for those who love peace and nature, which no one will really enjoy the stream of Valia-Kirna that at some point, forming beautiful waterfalls, the Drakolimni the big waterfall and the forest Smolikas Kiourista the source Kera .

Geographic Information

Samarina is famous villages of Northern Pindus, near the border of Western Macedonia and Epirus. It is situated at an altitude of 1,600 m on the northeastern slopes of Mount Smolikas (2637 m) and is the highest village, not only of our country and the Balkans. Is built among dense forests of pine, beech, boxwood and Rompola. He has plenty of cold water, unparalleled natural beauty and climate ygieinotato. For those of the said qualifications and dubbed "Good Samarina.