"SAMARINA" - The Tradition

According to tradition, descended from Samarina John Priftis (Papas John), a chieftain and a thief, who pursued in 1943 the father of Ali Pasha who was the fear and terror of the Albanians. Also Leonidas Chatzimpyros with 500 young men, who-in office in 1895 in Macedonia and Epirus and was killed in a battle of Siatista. The Coussios Despoulis, thief, who was for many years in prison of Ioannina and Makedonomachoi Captain Bear Captain and Tsekouras were also people of Samarina.


Samarina characterized by intense activity and vitality of its residents in many areas. The habitants of Samarina have a diversified presence in contemporary Greek life and this fact really keeps not only the Samarina as concept of living in a home, but also maintain here on the slopes of Smolikas their ancestral homes and traditions. So every time we go at Samarina,we revealed more active, more alive, more dynamic, with a view to multilevel development.